Temporary Tattoo Ink

Want some ink, but are too young or not sure you want it permanent?

Children like temporary tattoos. They can be painted on, or applied as a transfer image that is made of a vegetable based ink. They can be purchased out of vending machines, toy stores, novelty shops. Many are high quality and can't easily be distinguished from a permanent tattoo where the ink was injected in the skin. Unlike temporary tattoos of old, they can't be easily smudged, and the ink isn't blurry.

Nowadays, the ink is durable up to a couple weeks and they are typically waterproof. They can be easily removed with alcohol or with makeup removal cream. These inks are usually safe organic, though care should be taken with anything applied to the skin for any length of time.

Popular designs for girls are unicorns, fairies and butterflies. Boys like skulls, sports teams and sci fi characters. There is a fun toy that allows children to apply tattoos with a "realistic" pulsing tattoo machine action and stencils:

Another option for applying the ink is to use an airbrush to spray it on. In this case, the artist may apply a stencil to the person getting a temporary tattoo and then spray on the image. This are popular at college football games, zoos and holiday celebrations.

Still another way to apply a temporary tattoo to the skin is to use a simple ink pad and decorative stamp. These are sold at hobby shops. The pads come in water based as well as permanent inks.

Temporary tattoos are also used for actors and models. They are devices used to make the role believable. These tattoos can be produced with digital software and printed out using an ink jet or laser jet printer on transfer paper.



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