Laser tattoo removal


A popular method of removing tattoo ink is to use a laser. The laser light passes through the upper level of the skin (epidermis) which is translucent and hits the ink. This causes it to break up so that natural body processes can remove it. The laser uses different wavelengths to specifically target different ink colors (and to avoid removing your own natural pigmentation). Three common types of laser equipment are Q-switched Ruby, Q-switched Alexandrite, Medlite's Q-switched Nd: YAG. The latest technique is called Intense Pulsed Light Therapy or IPL Intense Pulsed Light.

laser tattoo (tatoo) machine

The procedure is typically carried out by a dermatologist in a clinic that has a laser machine. It may require several treatments with a few weeks between each. The cost for tattoo removal depends upon many factors such as ink color, size, etc; but prices usually range in the $100s to $1000s. In some cases the tattoo will not be entirely gone after treatment, especially with light colored ink.

If desired, you can take a pain reliever or have a mild anasthetic applied before the treatment. There is usually some small chance of a scar or off colored pigmentation; of course consult your dermatology doctor for more information.

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spelled alternative: lazer tatoo removal; laser tatto removel