Home tattoo removal


There are several methods that have been proposed for at home tattoo removal.

The oldest home remedy is dermabrasion, a fancy word for scraping the skin. In this method layers of skin are removed with a rough object, perhaps combined with grit such as sand or salt (salabration). It's painful, bloody, can lead to infection and will probably leave a scar. It might not even remove the tattoo completely. Not a good idea.

Another approach is to use a skin peel, usually an acid based gel or liquid. Also very dangerous, leading to infection, pain, possible poisoning, inflammation and a scar. So, a second bad idea.

Other methods such as excision and cryosurgery using dry ice are very bad ideas to try at home. Also see tattoo removal creams for another not recommended procedure.

The bottom line: DON'T DO IT AT HOME.


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aka: home tatoo removal; tatto removel