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Wowie, zowie, signs of the zodiac. See the bottom of the page for your sign, your personality--and where you should locate the tattoo on your body so that the celestial gods will shower you with luck and fortitude.


The following set are based on some old woodblock prints. I gave the designs some depth by the black, grey, light grey outline and then added a red to violet fill. More to come later. Contact me if you'd like a larger version.

Here's Aries, the ram.
zodiac sign aries the ram tattoo

The twins, aka Earl and Keanu.
zodiac twins gemini

Your bullish bud, Taurus.
zodiac taurus

Capricorn, dude.


Your horoscope: "The gods say you can spell tattoos as tatoos or tattos if you're one tile short in Scrabble."

Sign Meaning Dates
Your Personality Body Location of Tattoo
Aries ram March 21 to April 19 Blustering Wanker Buttocks
Taurus bull April 20 to May 21 Pretentious Twit Buttocks
Gemini twins May 22 to June 20 BibleThumping Hypocrite Buttocks
Cancer crab June 21 to July 23 Pinheaded Smudger Buttocks
Leo lion July 24 to August 23 Sage Benefactor Shoulder
Virgo virgin August 24 to September 23 Fridgid Nincompoop Buttocks
Libra scales September 24 to October 23 Irksome Dirteater Buttocks
Scorpio scorpion October 24 to November 22 Smarmy Infidel Buttocks
Sagittarius archer November 23 to December 21 Squealing Pigsticker Buttocks
Capricorn horned goat December 22 to January 20 Unholy Nitpicker Buttocks
Aquarius water bearer January 21 to February 19 Pendejo Sinverguenza Buttocks
Pisces fish February 20 to March 20 Cursi Chupacabras Buttocks