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This gallery features tribal tattoo designs. Originally, these were worn by the exotic peoples of Hawaiian, Polynesian and Indianapolian descent.

Tribal designs can be curved, angled repeating abstract patterns; or they can be formed into butterflies, hearts, flowers, dragons.

Tribal animals such as turtles, eagles and bears are cool. The only forbidden tribal is a flaming skull-- none have lived past the next full moon adorned with this mark of doom.

Tribal art can be combined with celtic designs, especially crosses and knotwork.



tribal tattoo designs 2
This is a picture of a critter tribal tattoo design.

This photo shows a girl with an full back piece of black tribal vines and green leaves.

trible desing
An interlocking tribal design.

Above we have a photo of a blue, black and oche skull tribal design with a nice outline.

Here is a free flash image of a tribal butterfly design. You could use it as a stencil to airbrush on the design first, try it out before you get it inked.

A tribal design with nice shading.

tribal tattoo designs 1
This pic shows a knife tribal tattoo design, good to wear on the hip, shoulder, arm or sleeve so you can whip it out in a bar fight.

The tribe has spoken: you can spell it trible, tribel and tatoo or tatto. Be careful, however, if you ask for a tribble tattoo as you may get one of those Star Trek fuzz ball critters.