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We got an overwhelming favorable response from our tatoos page of tattoos that like the spelling are just a bit off.

So here are tribal tatoos, that are also a little off.

tribal tatoos
You probably know that Mike Tyson has a tribal tattoo on his face. Here is, however, what he'd look like with a tribal tatoo, in this case a copy of Sith Maul's tribal.

(For photoshopper, I took a pics of Maul, set up a mask on the red and then copied the mask to Tyson, and skewed it slightly to fit the difference in the profile, tinted it in red, then inverted the mask and tinted in black.)

here's our buddy from the tatoos
page with more of a tribals look.

here's a dude with a tribal eyes on the back of his head. bet birds don't try to sneak up on him.


Hey, tribal is sometimes spelled trible, or perhaps actually someone is looking for tattoos of tribbles, those space bunnies from star trek?
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