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This gallery has pictures of tribal rose tattoos.

"Roses are red", goes the rhyme, but roses come in yellow, white, pink, gold, blue and black. They have many meanings associated with them, from religious, to love, death, youth, secrecy and spiritual balance.

A rose tattoo (tatoo, tatto, tatu) by any other name, will look as cool.

A non-tribal rose is often combined with a tribal background for a lower back tattoo, or on a foot.


tribal rose tattoo
Here's an image of a tribal interpretation of a red rose.

blackwork tribal rose with barbwire
In this design, we see a black ink on tribal rose image where the stem and thorns have been replaced with barb wire.

tribal flower miro surrealist
This tribal rose is based upon the work of Joan Miró, (1893 - 1983, Spanish surrealist painter).

yellow rose tribal tatoo
And a translucent yellow rose design in front of some tribal swirls.