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This gallery features tiger tattoos. Usually, these are of its face or a picture as shot from above towards the tail..

Tiger tattoos are preferred more by men than women, though females like cute tiger baby cubs. Since they symbolize power and strength they are often put on arms or legs. Likewise, tts fierce eyes and menacing claws give a clear meaning.

White tigers, bengal, siberian and snow tigers are popular.

Good complements to tigers for men are ying yang symbols, lions, dragons. For women an outline of a butterfly can be filled in with a tiger's face for an attractive tat.

Grrrr snarly tiger head showing its teeth, done in orange, black and white ink.

tiger tattoo 2
Another more serene tiger head tattoo on the arm.

tiger clawing skin
This is a black and grey design that could be used as a full back piece; it looks like its paws claw the skin.

Tiger face.

tiger tattoo
here's an image of a striped tiger featuring its powerful back and curved tail.

tiger tatoos is another spelling.
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