tattoo ink      Temporary tatoos

Can't commit to a permanent tatoo?

Temporary tatoos are a good idea to check out the placement and style of tatoo you might want.

You can get 'em in vending machines, novelty shops and on the internet.

You can also use temporary tatoo paper, just make your own design, print it on this special paper, and apply it to your skin.



Here are some designs for temporary tattoos. They are free to download and print out. Noncommercial use only.

A bunch of cute girls used this as a temporary tatoo in a production of West Side Story, they were the Lady Sharks.

Here's a bright kanji design, it means Dao or the Way. Amaze your friends with this on your arm.

Temp tats are cool for the 4th of July.



Some other alternate spellings for creative types: tato, tattos, tatoos.