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Looking for ideas for cool, cute or funny tattoos? Here are several suggestions.

A funny ideas is to intentionally misspell your girlfriends name on a temporary tattoo, but don't tell her it's temporary. See what reaction you get, and I hope you enjoy sleeping on the sofa.

A funny idea for a wrist tattoo is a wristwatch tattoo. A face tattoo on the back of a bald guy's head is a hoot and a half.



1) Here's a cool idea for tribal tattoos--exclusively from Tattoo Ink.

If you have access to digital painting & illustration software such as Corel or Photoshop, you can make your own tribal tattoo designs.

Don't have access to one? Here's an alternative. You can download and print out our basic tribal tattoo kit. Simply cut out the basic shapes and arrange them to make your own tribal designs.

The tattoo design kit has eight shapes in two formats: solids and bordered so you can get that cool 3d look of many tribals. So, for example...
simple tribal design are two solids overlapping...

.. and here are two shapes overlapping: bottom solid, top one bordered to give a 3d look.

The tattoo patterns kit is absolutely free.

2) Another idea for your tattoo hunt is to not limit yourself to searching exclusively for English words for tattoo on the internet.

In Spanish, the verb to tattoo is tatuar (with conjugations in present tense: yo tatúo, tu tatúas, el tatúa, nosotros tatúamos, ustedes tatúan) and the singular noun is el tatuaje and the plurar is los tatuajes. You can search for for these English cognates: fotos, fotografrías, imágenes, galerías; and also dibujos (drawings) and diseños (designs).

In Italian, look for tatuaggi; in French, tatouages; German, tätowierung.

And don't forget to search for tatoo ideas, tato, tattos and other common misssspellings.

3) Below are some thumbnail pictures that may give you cool ideas for your tattoo--click for a larger image. The butterfly and the fairly (on the left) would be cute ideas for girl tattoos.

circles and stuff tattoo idea  
cool circles

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