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This gallery of tattoos features stars. See star tattoo design for flash.

Shooting stars and nautical stars, which have a 3d effect, are popular tattoo designs.

Good complements to stars are suns, moons, rainbows and (according to Steven Hawkins) massive black holes. If you got a black hole tattoo, no one could see it because it would suck all the light in. And you'd be ripped to shreds by the gravitation pull anyhow: probably one reason why black hole tattoos aren't that popular, I guess.

Stars are popular on the foot, wrist and ankle.

Stars can mean good luck. The word disaster, however, used to mean "An evil influence of a star or planet." Dis- meaning negative and -aster meaning star.

A five pointed star (pentacle or pentagram) that points up can symbolize pagans, witches, free masons. The five points can stand for earth, water, fire, air and spirit.

A five pointed star that points down can represent evil, satanism, or dark forces.


Although the five pointed star is most popular, eight pointed (perhaps showing 8 compass directions) as well as 7 pointed and 9 pointed stars are popular.

nautical star tattoos
Voila, a picture of couple of green nautical star tattoos

Here's a small purple star with some cool graffiti lettering.

A picture of a nautical star with a skull.

A sweet tattoo design: a purple and black star with blue angel wings and a halo.

A six pointed star that is made by crosshatched background.

A green celtic star tattoo design

A star with leopard spots. Grrrr.

Mario stars, one up!


shooting star tattoo
Here's a picture of a shooting star tattoo done in black; there's a star within a star and three little stars in the tail. Wear this and you'll have good luck forever!

And here is a falling star... Wear this and you'll have disasterously bad luck forever...

Hey wait just a cotton-pickin' minute there! That's the same star as above, you just turned it upside down.*

(*well, actually, it's upside down and also a mirror image.)

Other stellar spellings: "star tattos" and "star tatoos"
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