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Small tats, eh buckeroo?

Here is our gallery of photos of tattoo designs that work well as smaller tattoos.

The most popular small tattoo art is: small cross tattoos, small butterfly tattoos, small heart tattoos, small flower tattoos. Also popular are dolphins, dragonflies, zodiac and scorpions. Please see our homepage for links to those pages, many will serve as ideas for cool small tats.

Locations for small tattoos are neck, foot, ankle, toes and lower back.

Women and girls often prefer small tattoos.





here's a small tattoo of musical notes and brightly colored stars.


a small butterfly tattoo done in purple.


here's a picture of a small heart with wings, it is a lower back tattoo

and a robot, it whispers in my ear and makes me do those wild things.

Small tatoos, small tattoes are also spellings.