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This gallery shows pics of skull tattoos, from evil to cute.

Most skull tattoos are human, though animals such as deer, bull, cow and dragon skulls are also used.

Good complements are roses, flames, snakes, crossbones and demons.

Skulls make popular temporary tattoos for Day of the Dead, Pirates Day and Halloween.

you know, I always said that a nice hat can do
wonders for an otherwise ordinary-looking skull.several skull tattoos in black ink

And another photo of a well accoutered skull--
"Would you like that skull wrapped, sir?"
"Well, yes, hows about a cute pink bow and some stars!"

Below is a picture of a skull with bat wings tattoo. Its comforting to know that the eyeballs are still intact, otherwise the skull would be blind as a bat.
skull tattoo with wings

Here's a flash image in Southwester colors of an animal skull, looks to be a cow, longhorn or perhaps the legendary chubacabras (goat sucker)..
flash animal skull

a flaming winking skull with kanji skull w/ flames

also known in the known world as "tatoos skulls" and "tattos skulls"; known in the undiscovered country as....
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