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This gallery of tattoos has rose designs. You may also like to see our flower tattoos.

Why pick a rose tattoo? They often symbolize romance, love, feminine.

Blooming roses mean faithfulness.

Red roses signify love, yellow ones can mean jealousy or lack of faith (or that you are from Texas), white roses are related to purity.

Mick Jagger sang "and I won't forget to put roses on your grave;" and withered or black roses mean death or absence.

Rose tattoos on a forearm with "Mom" on them used to be all the rage for sailors. Now women like them, on their ass or breasts as a sexy sign.

There can be a pain pleasure symbol associated with the thorns and petals of the rose respectively.

tattoo of roses
a nice blue and red rose flash picture

blue rose
a blue rose tattoo

this picture shows a rose with a vine in the shape of a heart

Woman with grayscale roses.

another blue and red rose
tattoo design, on skin

also see our tribal rose tattoos


Rose tattoos by any other name might be rose tatoos or rose tattos.

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