tattoo ink      plumeria flower tattoo

Plumeria (aka Frangipani) is a (sub)-tropical flower common to Mexico, Central America, and Venezuela & Hawaii..

Orange, yellow, purple, pink and white are common colors.

A nice girly-girl tattoo for a shoulder, foot or back.



flower tattoo design : plumeria
here's a vibrant plumeria tattoo flash picture. You could add in a tribal pattern, vines or waves as ideas for background images.

Weeeeeeeeeeeee, here's another pic of a plumeria design.

Another plumeria blossom. This one looks to be dancing in a cool Hawaiian zephyr.

Looking for more images and ideas? Check out hawaiian flower tattoos page for more tattoo art, including the bird of paradise (it's not a bird) and hibiscus flower (it's not a biscuit).


Some folks, desirous of saving a vowel spell it: plumeria tatto; while others who covet consonants may opt for plumeria tatoo.