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Zowie, the phoenix, you got a bird, bam; you got fire, bam; you got rebirth, bam. How can you not like the legend of the phoenix?

We find the story in tales from China, India, Middle East and early Greek and Roman times of the ab-fab bird with the fancy plumage that dies in a funeral pyre and is reborn later. Symbolically, it's a purification or transformation thru adversity.

So, the phoenix tattoo design is especially popular for those who feel they are taking on a new journey.

Phoenix is often misspelled as Fenix, Pheonix and tattoo is often spelled tatoo and tatto



Here's a simple tribal tattoo flash design for a black or single color phoenix tattoo..tribal phoenix design for tattoo

Here's a retouched photo of a phoenix tattoo where the fire is incoporated in the flames. Sweet!
phoenix, flames purple, yellow

Here's another picture of a phoenix tattoo. This is a full back tattoo--heavily retouched.

A fanciful tribal tattoo design, phoenix inspired. Click on it for a larger version.
tribal phoenix tatoo design