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This gallery gives you some ideas for cool lower back tattoo designs...

These are sometimes, derogatorily, referred to as a tramp stamp.

Girls like the lower back tattoos and hearts, butterflies, flowers and tribals are popular.'s a picture of a tribal tattoo with flowers on the lower back...
lower back tattoo

... & here's just a tribal on the lower back. Nice interlocking swirls.
swirly tribal design

baby lower back tattoo
Baby's got back with this sun moon, devil angel tattoo.

Here is a flash image of cat eyes, that would make a great tattoo. Be sure to rotate the image (or your back) 90 degrees to make it look purrfect.
lower back cat eyes tattoo flash


some sexy women eyes on the back of this woman.
eyes n eyebrows

a small flower and vines picture.
lower back tattoo 2

a goldfish on lower back

Some other alternate spellings for creative types: lower back tattos, lower back tatoos.
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