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This gallery has pictures of koi tattoos.

Koi is Japanese for carp. The longer, more descriptive word is Nishikigoi which means "brocaded or colorful carp."

Where or where can you put your tat? A koi looks great on the shoulder, leg, sleeve or chest.

Also see our page on japanese tattoos for a dragon-koi design.

You can spell tattoos as tatoos and tattos, too, dude! Koi's spelled koy on occassion.


japanese koi layered photo
Here's some koi artwork I've been working on. It's a combo of three separate photos: beach stones, koi and waves. If you know a talented tattoo artist, they can make this into a nice design. It's free for you to use as you please.

blackwork koi flash
Or, here's a simplified black ink only image.

A pair of koi.

blue japanese carp tattoo flash
Here is a nice blue koi image. It is based on a classic Japanese block print.

And another koi, deep orange, also based on a classic pirnt.

& another koi design in burgandy and turquoise.