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This gallery features original kanji art tattoos.

The designs are based on kanji characters (i.e., Chinese / Japanese pictographs, lettering, symbols, words, etc). These pics can give you some ideas for tattoos.

If you want to get an accurate meaning, be sure to check with a native speaker or expert.

kanji love tattoo
This flash is based on the kanji character for love. I've replaced the traditional calligraphy brushstrokes with apostrophic characters. This design is highly stylized; so the emphasis is on aesthetics, not fidelity to the original characters. I call it kanffiti (kanji + graffiti).

kanji dragon
The meaning of this symbol is dragon.

tao logo tatoo
This is also for tao. Looks like a baseball logo: "... and playing for center field, Lao Tzu!..."

Well, I guess if you're into the whole "long life" biz, here's a kanji tattoo meaning just that.


This is a 3d design I did many years ago. It is the character for dao (or tao) as in daoism (taoism).



"kanji tatoos" and "kanji tattos" be just fine speellin's 4 me.