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This gallery features tattoos in the style of japanese illustrations and designs.

Popular japanese tattoos include cherry blossoms, flowers, dragons, symbols (kanji characters) and koi.

Traditional designs may feature geishas or samurai warriors.

Because it is an island nation, waves, water, fish, octopus and sea dragons are common themes.


herro kittie modern style japanese tattoo design
Here's a tattoo that features "hello kitty" a japanese pop culture icon.

sea dragon and waves
This tattoo shows a dragon fish in japanese style. Notice the shape of the wave which echos the style of the great artist Hokusai.

japanese koi tattoo
This and the next are koi tattoos. Koi fish are specially bred in Japan for their color. A prize example can be valued in the $100,000 range. (Koi is occassional spelled koy or coy).

japanese tattoos

traditional geisha woman
A geisha in this tattoo based upon a classic japanese art print.


"japanese tatoos" and "japanese tattos" are creative spellings of "japanese tattoos."


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