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This gallery of tattoos has heart designs.

Hearts mean love, wisdom and life. A broken heart can mean love lost. An arrow through the heart means struck by cupid's bow. A heart with wings can mean "love lifts me up" or "love has flown away." A double heart or heart with a key can be worn by lovers.

Heart tattoos go well with crosses, roses and angels.

A combo of purple heart, blue wings and orange and yellow flames. This would make a nice small tattoo on the ankle, back of shoulder or breast.

tattoos of hearts
this pic shows two different heart tattoos on feet; both have flames. The colored design has what look to be vines around it and gives a positive outlook on a burning passionate love; the black and white heart tattoo has barb wire or thorns around it and gives a meaning of despair.

heart tattoo
a heart and skull combo.... dreamy!

a metallic design probably better for a temporary tattoo.


Some folks write "heart tatoos" or "heart tattos" as their spelling of choice.

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