tattoo ink      hawaiian flower tattoos

Check out the plumeria tattoos, which are typically used in hawaiian leis.

Bright colors of yellow, blue, purple, pink and orange are common.

A nice girly-girl tattoo design for ankle, foot, shoulder, or back.


flower tatoo design : bird of paradise
This is a tattoo flash the bird of paradise flower. This would look good with a circle or cresent in the background, or with koi and waves as a complement.

hibiscus tattoo flash image
A pic of a hibiscus flower blossom. These are big honker flowers, often worn in the hair (even if you're not going to San Francisco) though it would be difficult to tattoo a couple on on your shaved head and then let your hair grow out so that you could say, look I've forever and a day got flowers in my hair (I'm really not digressing here... {oh yes you are!!})




Tatoos, tattoes are flowery spellings.