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The phrase "girls tattoos" used to refer to guys with tattoos of pin up girls, since tattoos were mainly the domain of sailors, bikers, gang members and other fine young men.

Now pin up girls are démodé while girls with tattoos are natty faddily.

The classic popular designs for girls are butterflies, flowers, roses, dragonflies, fairies, unicorns and hearts. More recently, popular designs include koi, dragons, tigers, anime characters and tattoos based on eastern religions (Buddhism, Hinduism) and philosophies (Taoism, Zen)

The arm and shoulder are common locations for girl's tattoos. The lower back is especially popular for butterfly tattoos. A small foot tattoo of a flower with its stem curling around a toe is a fun idea to consider.



betty boop girlie tattoo
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She's so cute, she's Betty Boop. This cartoon icon is shown holding a rose, wearing wings, halo, a sexy red dress and garder belt and standing on a cloud.

tz unicorn above girls breast
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And now for something completely different. I've always enjoyed this image of Taz riding a unicorn tattooed above a women's right breast showing . I wish I knew the story behind this unique tattoo.

girl shoulder koi tattoo
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Here is a nicely done black ink koi on a girl's left shoulder.



girl iwth a tribal tattoo
Here's Scarlett Johansen as the "Girl with the Tribal Tattoo"

& Natalie Portman in "T is for Tribal"

(bonus question: whose actual face tattoo design are these?)

Girls just wanna spell tattoos as tatoos and tattos.

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