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Foot, toe and ankle tattoos are becoming more popular, especially for women. Usually the tattoo is on top of the foot, though some want a bottom of the foot tattoo.

Favorite designs for feet are stars, flowers, frogs, butterflies, tribals, dragonflies and angels. So most are cute designs (not many flaming skulls 'n maggots tats here, boys).

This page has our exclusive designs to give you some ideas for your cool tattoo.



frog foot tattoo

A flash image of a frog on a foot, how cute is that? You can have this small critter clinging to the top of your foot.


berry ant tatoo on foot
Unh-kay, here's a photo of a different idea of ants and a strawberry. Certainly a conversation piece.

more foot 'n' food themed

The Fibonacci sequence is seen in many designs from nature. The nautilus shell, for example. This would look très chic twirling around an ankle.

tee hee

star tattoo design
Stars are popular. This image goes from a large star in front to small ones behind. Lots of different colors and a bit of shading in the middle of most stars.




Equally soulful spellings: tattos and tatoos