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This gallery of tattoos has flower designs. Many of these were digitally enhanced.

Flower tattoos are much more common for women than men. The one exception, however, is the lotus which is an important symbol in eastern religions such as buddhism (meaning wisdom).

Popular flower tattoos by species are: hibiscus, lily, orchid, plumeria, jasmine and daisy.

Also popular requests in tattoo shop are for tropical, hawaiian, japanese, chinese and oriental flower designs.

Popular locations for flower tattoos are on the foot, ankle, lower back and sleeve.

Flower tattoos go well with butterflies, vines, bugs, hummingbirds, fairies and crosses. The lotus tattoo is sometimes paired with koi.

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tattoo of flower
This shows flowers as buds and in full bloom.

flower tattoo picture
and a yellow sun flower on a foot with the stalk curling around the toe.

here's a gardenfull of flowers in red, blue, purple, orange and yellow with tribal vines.

and a lower back flower tattoo.

Here are some nice pink flowers with curling stems.

Two fanciful spellings are flower tatoos and flower tattos.




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