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I looked around for flower tattoo meanings and found references to "flower meanings" and "flower symbolism" but nothing much particular to tattoos. There's no particular reason that the meaning of the live flower has to be the same as the meaning of the tattoo.

Lots of the meanings I found were lame-o, anyhow, going back to victorian times.

So, here are....


Tattoo Ink's exclusive list of tattoo flower meanings. (Hey, if you're on myspace you definately want to link to this page to show all how groovy and far out you are.)

In the general area of *LOVE* here is a list of flowers to consider: Acacia, Ambrosia, Aster, Baby's Breath, Basil, Gardenia, Gladiolus, Magnolia, Mistletoe, Myrtle, Nasturtium and Orchid.

If you'd like to express a specific type of love these tattoo flower designs:

flower tattoo meaning (symbolizes)
Aster Tainted love
Carnation Monkey of love
Calendula Lover of obscure flowers
Forget-me-not True undying, kinda stalker/creepy love
Lilac First love, puppy love
Narcisus Narcissistic love (duh!) - love me love my tat
Pansy Pansy for your luvin' (duh!)
Primrose Love to love you baby
Sweet Pea Popeye love for me baby
Zinnia Xenophile (lover of swarthy strangers)

If your love's gone rancid and mutated into scorn consider some of these for your tattoo coverup: Bouquet of withered flowers, Dead Roses, Cactus, Yellow Carnation, Dandelion, Garlic, Hydrangea, Orange Mock, Poison Ivy, Prickly Pear and Snap Dragon.

Looking for Good Luck: Bells of Ireland, Camelia, Four Leaf Clover, Holly, Hyacinth, Jasmine, Primrose will look loverly inked.

Would you like a tattoo that expresses Happiness? Here's a list of bright cheery flowers: Azalea, Chrysanthemum, Coreopsis, Crocus, Daffodil, Daisy, Fern, Geranium, Iris, Lily of the Valley, Sunflower, Violet, Sweet Woodruff

And Wisdom: Lotus flower, Mint, Orange Blossom, Poppy, Rosemary, Sage, Yarrow.

Looking for flowers that correspond with the signs of the zodiac:













Like to commemorate a Wedding Anniversary with a flower tattoo? Here's a list of flowers for each anniversary 1 to 15 and then 20 to 50 by 5 year increments:

1st - Pansy

2nd - Cosmos

3rd - Fuchsia

4th - Geranium

5th - Daisy

6th - Calla Lily

7th - Jack-in-the-Pulpit

8th - Clematis

9th - Poppy

10th - Daffodil

11th - Morning Glory

12th - Peony

13th - Hollyhock

14th - Dahlia

15th - Rose

20th - Day Lily

25th - Iris

28th - Orchid

30th - Sweet Pea

40th - Nasturtium

50th - Violet

Flower tatoos and flower tattos also mean "flower tattoos".




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