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Traveler's Joy Safety
Prickly Pear Satire
Hellebore Scandal
Hoya Sculpture
Rose, Full-blown, placed over two Buds Secrecy
Hyacinth, Garden Secrecy
Hair Moss Secret
Fern, Maidenhair Secret bond of love
Acacia, Yellow Secret love
Agapanthus Secret love
American Aloe Security
Narcissus Self-esteem
Narcissus, White Selfishness
Speedwell, Spiked Semblance
Mimosa, Sensitive Plant Sensitivity
Spanish Jasmine Sensuality
Jessamine, Spanish Sensuality
Jasmine, Carolina Separation
Trumpet Flower, Ash Leaved Separation
Dew Plant Serenade
Biburnum, Prickly Severity
Branch of Thorns Severity
Thorn, Branch of Severity
Peony Shame
Barberry Tree Sharpness
Wood Anemone Sickness
Belladonna Silence
Fool's Parsley Silliness
Rose, Single Simplicity
Sweetbrier, American Simplicity
Silver-weed Simplicity
Garden Chervil Sincerity
Nettle Burning Slander
Chrysanthemum, Yellow Slighted love
Aloes, Parrot Bill Small talk
Catchfly Snare
Arum, Fly Catching Snare
Dragon Plant Snare
Evergreen Thorn Solace in adversity
Heath Solitude
Nightshade, Enchanter's Sorcery
Verain Sorcery
Hyacinth Sorrow
Hyacinth, Purple Sorrow
Yew Sorrow
Barberry Sourness of temper
Circaea Spell
Rose Capucine Splendor
Sumach, Venice Splendor
Venice Sumach Splendor
Austurtium Splendor
Foxtail Grass Sporting
Cress Stability
Geranium, Wild Steadfast piety
Box Tree Stoicism
Walnut Stratagem
Bay Leaf Strength
Cedar Strength
Fennel Strength
Geranium, Scarlet Stupidity
Almond, Common Stupidity
Nuts Stupidity
Harebell Submission
Grass Submission
Solidago Success
Coronella Success crown your wishes
Scarlet Lychnis Sunbeaming eyes
St. John's Wort Superstition
Bryony Support
Sundew, Round-leaved Surprise
Betony Surprise
Truffle Surprise
Wax Plant Susceptibility
Mushroom Suspicion
Thornapple, Purple Suspicion
Champignon Suspicion
Woodruff Sweet humility
Periwinkle Sweet remembrance
Rose, Short Stemmed Sweetheart
Magnolia Sweetness
Lily of the Valley Sweetness
Garden Daisy Sympathy
Thrift Sympathy
Balm Sympathy
Sea-lavender Sympathy
Daisy, Garden Sympathy
White Pink Talent
Flax-leaved Goldy-locks Tardiness
Helenium Tears
Acalia Temperance
Apple Temptation
Quince Temptation
Rose, Deep Pink Thank you
Currant Thankfulness
Honeysuckle, Coral The color of my fate
Polyanthus, Crimson The heart's mystery
Turnsol The intoxication of love
Oats The witching soul of music
Arbutus Thee only do I love
Clover, White Think of me
Zinnia, Mixed Thinking of an absent friend
Rose, Austrian Thou art all that is lovely
Almond Tree Thoughtlessness
Pansy Thoughts
Zinnia Thoughts of friends
Rose, Daily Thy smile I aspire to
Tendrils of Climbing Plants Ties
Fir Time
Poplar, White Time
Marvel of Peru Timidity
Mirabilis Timidity
Balsam, Red Touch me not
Stonecrop Tranquility
Madder, Yellow Tranquility
Mudwort Tranquility
Rose, Christmas Tranquilize my anxiety
Night-blooming Cereus Transient beauty
Rose, Withered White Transient impressions
Jasmine, Cape Transport of joy
Whortleberry Treachery
Bilberry Treachery
Wortleberry Treason
Marigold, Garden Trouble
Geranium, Oak-leaved True friendship
Pink, Clove True love
Forget Me Not True love
Nightshade Truth
Bittersweet Truth
Chrysanthemum, White Truth
Cudweed, American Unceasing remembrance
Arbor Vitae Unchanging friendship
Rose, Burgundy Unconscious beauty
Garden Marigold Uneasiness
Geranium, Lemon Unexpected meeting
Rose, Perpetual Unfading beauty
Anemone Unfading love
Immortal Flowers Unfading remembrance
Mourning Bride Unfortunate attachment
Scabious Unfortunate love
Straw, Whole Union
Broomrape Union
Hyacinth, White Unobtrusive loveliness
Primrose, Red Unpatronized merit
Pink, Yellow Unreasonableness
Meadowsweet Uselessness
Dried Flax Utility
China Aster Variety
Rose, Mundi Variety
Tares Vice
Darnel Vice
Ray Grass Vice
Palm Victory
Mint Virtue
Houseleek Vivacity
Abecedary Volubility
Rose, Moss Voluptuous love
Tuberose Voluptuousness
Lupine Voraciousness
Marigold, African Vulgar minds
Rose, York and Lancaster War
Milfoil War
Achillea Millefolia War
Indian Cress Warlike trophy
Peppermint Warmth of feeling
Spearmint Warmth of sentiment
Hand Flower Tree Warning
Violet, Dane Watchfulness
Moschatel Weakness
Adoxa Weakness
Musk Plant Weakness
Hollowroot Weakness
Poppy, Yellow Wealth
Jasmine Wealth
Safflower Welcome
Wisteria Welcome
Scabious, Sweet Widowhood
Verbena Will your wish be granted?
Orange Blossoms Wisdom
Sage Wisdom
Water Lily, Peltated Wisdom
Mulberry Tree, White Wisdom
Helleborus Wit
Ragged Robin Wit
Christmas Aconite Wit
Meadow Lychnis Wit
Sorrel, Wild Wit ill timed
Coquelourde Without pretension
Pink, Carnation Woman's love
Alyssum, Sweet Worth beyond beauty
Convolvulus, Pink Worth sustained by tender affection
Ranunculus You are radiant with charms
Ranunculus, Garden You are rich in attractions
Rose Leaf You may hope
Branch of Currants You please all
Hemlock You will be my death
Primrose Young love
Milkvetch Your presence softens my pains
Camellia, Blue You're a flame in my heart
Rose, Assorted You're everything to me
Crocus, Spring Youthful cheer
Lilac, White Youthful innocence
Red Catchfly Youthful love
Elder Zealousness
Lemon Zest




Flower tatoos and flower tattos also mean "flower tattoos".

Common spelling are: tattoo, tattoos; tatoo, tatoos; tatto, tattos.