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Rose, Yellow Jealousy
French Marigold Jealousy
Hyacinth, Yellow Jealousy
Southernwood Jest
Sorrel, Wood Joy
Gardenia Joy
Wood Sorrel Joy
Marjoram Joy
Calendula Joy
Celandine, Lesser Joys to come
Coltsfoot, Sweet Scented Justice
Chestnut Justice
Rudbeckia Justice
Tussilage, Sweet-scented Justice shall be done
Coltsfoot Justice shall be done
Mistletoe Kiss me
Helmet Flower, Monkshood Knight-errantry
Violet Ivy Knots
Aspen Tree Lamentation
Zinnia, Magenta Lasting affection
Stock Lasting beauty
Everlasting Pea Lasting pleasure
Butterfly Weed Let me go
Violet, White Let's take a chance on happiness
Live Oak Liberty
Lucerne Life
Shamrock Light-heartedness
Larkspur Lightness
Spindle Tree Likeness
Tulip, Virgin Literary debut
Peach Blossom Longevity
Camellia Japonica, Pink Longing
Basil Love
Rose Love
Myrtle Love
Rose, Thornless Love at first sight
Coreopsis Arkansa Love at first sight
Gloxinia Love at first sight
Willow, Creeping Love forsaken
Rose, Carolina Love is dangerous
Ambrosia Love returned
Honey Flower Love, sweet and secret
Justicia Loveliness
Camellia Japonica, White Loveliness
Indian Pink, Double Loveliness
Japonica Loveliness
Smilax Loveliness
Sunflower Loyalty
Bamboo Loyalty
Coriander Lust
Aconite, Crowfoot Luster
Crowfoot, Aconite-leaved Luster
Horse Chestnut Luxury
Lily, Eucharis Maidenly charms
Crown Imperial Majesty
Lily, Imperial Majesty
Lily, White Majesty
Lobelia Malevolence
Cinquefoil Maternal affection
American Linden Matrimony
Orchid, Cattleya Mature Charm
Pomegranate Flower Mature elegance
Volkamenia May you be happy
Cuscuta Meanness
Birch Meekness
Leaves, Dead Melancholy
Geranium, Clouded Melancholy
Geranium, Dark Melancholy
Syringa Memory
Clematis Mental beauty
Kennedia Mental beauty
Mallow Mildness
Saffron Crocus Mirth
Crocus, Saffron Mirth
Thistle, Fuller's Misanthropy
Fuller's Teasel Misanthropy
Teasel Misanthropy
Broom, Prickly Misanthropy
Aconite, Wolfsbane Misanthropy
Ophrys, Fly Mistake
Trillium Pictum Modest beauty
Cereus, Creeping Modest genius
Woad Modest merit
Cosmos Modesty
Violet, Sweet Modesty
Virginian Spiderwort Momentary happiness
Rose, Dark Crimson Mourning
Willow, Weeping Mourning
Bundle of Reeds Music
Colchicum, or Meadow Saffron My best days are past
Cinnamon My fortune is yours
Saffron, Meadow My happiest days are past
Asphodel My regrets follow you to the grave
Laurestina Neglected
Threadworm Neglected beauty
Night Convolvulus Night
Catchfly, Night Flowering Night
Lint Obligation
Rose, Black Obsession
Rest-Harrow Obstacle
Digitalis Occupation
Tree of Life Old age
Rose, Campion Only deserve my love
Hornbean Ornament
Citronelle Pain
Adonis, Flos Painful recollections
Auricula Painting
Tulip Passion
Dittany of Crete, White Passion
Rose, Orange Passionate Interest
Cardamine Paternal error
Ox Eye Patience
Allium Patience
Patience Dock Patience
Dock Patience
American Elm Patriotism
Cattail Peace
Olive Peace
Peach Peerless
Cowslip Pensiveness
Strawberry Perfect goodness
Rose, Pink Perfect happiness
Camellia Perfection
Pineapple Perfection
Crowfoot, Meadow Perfidy
Laurel, Common Flowering Perfidy
Almond, Laurel Perfidy
Cherry Tree, Bird Perfidy
Everlasting Perpetual remembrances
Love in a Mist Perplexity
Chequered Fritillary Persecution
Laurel, Ground Perseverance
Canary Grass Perseverance
Magnolia, Swamp Perseverance
Althaea Frutex, Syrian Mallow Persuasion
Xanthium Pertinacity
Pine, Pitch Philosophy
Hyancinth, Red or Pink Play
Balm, Gentle Pleasantry
Poppy, Red Pleasure
Rose, Dog Pleasure and pain
Periwinkle, White Pleasures of memory
Wild Rose Tree Poetical person
Eglantine, Sweetbrier Poetry
Rose, Wild Poetry
Vernal Grass Poor, but happy
Cistus, or Rock Rose Popular favor
Kalanchoe Popularity
Clematis, Evergreen Poverty
Evergreen Clematis Poverty
Imperial Montague Power
Golden Rod Precaution
Marigold, Prophetic Prediction
Geranium, Rose Preference
Marigold, Cape Presage
Toad Flax Presumption
Snapdragon Presumption
Spiked Willow Herb Pretension
Willow, Herb Pretension
Willow-herb, Purple Pretension
Amaryllis Pride
Rose, Hundred-Leaved Pride
Lily, Daffodil Pride
Lily, Tiger Pride
Polyanthus Pride of riches
Plum, Indian Privation
Jamaica Plum Privation
Myrobalan Privation
Indian Plum Privation
Rosebay, Willow-herb Production
Cabbage Profit
Privet Prohibition
Fig Tree Prolific
Prune Tree Promise
Stock, Ten-Week Promptness
Gilliflower, Mahon Promptness
Beech Tree Prosperity
Bearded Crepis Protection
Heather, White Protection
Eucalyptus Protection
Juniper Protection
Feverfew Protection
Purple, Clover Provident
Mulberry, White Prudence
Mountain Ash Prudence
Lilac, Purple Puppy love
Lily, Longi Pure
Pink, Red, Double Pure and ardent love
Rosebud, Red Pure and lovely
Pink, Single Pure love
Lily Purity
White Lily Purity and modesty
Water Lily Purity of heart
Corn, Broken Quarrel
Hawkweed Quick sightedness
Goat's Rue Reason
Geranium, Silver-leaved Recall
Lotus Leaf Recantation
Hazel Reconciliation
Filbert Reconciliation
Pink, Variegated Refusal
Carnation, Striped Refusal
King's Spear Regret
Christmas Rose Relieve my anxiety
Schinus Religious enthusiasm
Passion Flower Religious superstition
Pheasant's Eye Remembrance
Rosemary Remembrance
Statice Remembrance
Bramble Remorse
Raspberry Remorse
Chickweed Rendezvous
Indian Cane Rendezvous
Convolvulus, Blue Minor Repose
Maple Reserve
Cyclamen Resignation
Tremella Nestoc Resistance
Date Plum Resistance
Columbine, Purple Resolved to win
Persicaria Restoration
Aniseed Restoration of youth
Thistle, Scotch Retaliation
Trefoil Revenge
Birdsfoot, Trefoil Revenge
Flowering Fern Reverie
Bay Wreath Reward of merit
Garland of Roses Reward of virtue
Wreath of Roses Reward of virtue
Rose, Crown or Garland Reward of virtue
Wheat Riches
Wheat Stalk Riches
Corn Riches
Lantana Rigor
Rocket Rivalry
Angrec Royalty
Clotbur Rudeness
Lady's Bedstraw Rudeness
Valerian, Greek Rupture
Blue-flowered Greek Valerian Rupture
Polemonium Rupture
Straw, Broken Rupture of a contract
Violet, Yellow Rural happiness
Honeysuckle, French Rustic beauty
French Honeysuckle Rustic beauty



Flower tatoos and flower tattos also mean "flower tattoos".

Common spelling are: tattoo, tattoos; tatoo, tatoos; tatto, tattos.