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Periwinkle, Blue Early friendship
Bleeding Heart Elegance
Dahlia Elegance
Acacia, Rose or White Elegance
Locust Tree Elegance
Scotch Fir Elevation
Fir Tree Elevation
Spiderflower Elope with me
Lagerstroemia, Indian Eloquence
Water Lily, White Eloquence
Lotus Eloquence
Ipomen, Scarlet Embrace
Bindweed, Purple Eminence
Holly Herb Enchantment
Vervain Enchantment
Rose, Lavender Enchantment
Galax Encouragement
Pea, Everlasting Enduring
Gilliflower, Stock Enduring beauty
Chamomile Energy in adversity
Snowball Ennui
Moss Ennui
Rose, Peach or Coral Enthusiasm
Bouvardia Enthusiasm
Crowsbill Envy
Poppy, Corn Ephemeral charms
Bee Ophrys Error
Fly Orchis Error
Garden Sage Esteem
Sage, Garden Esteem
Strawberry Tree Esteem and love
Spiderwort Esteem, not love
Lotus Flower Estranged love
Fern, Asparagus Ethereal grace
Lemon Leaves Everlasting love
Baby's Breath Everlasting love
Camellia Japonica, Red Excellence
Zephyr Flower Expectation
Geranium, Nutmeg Expected meeting
Convolvulus, Major Extinguished hopes
Valerian, Red Facility
Germander Speedwell Facility
Speedwell, Germander Facility
Pyrus Japonica Fairies' fire
Huckleberry Faith
Iris Faith
Violet, Blue Faithfulness
Lily, Yellow Falsehood
Manchineal Tree Falsehood
Bugloss Falsehood
Trumpet Flower Fame
Poppy, Scarlet Fantastic extravagance
Daisy, Michaelmas Farewell
Fern Fascination
Queen's Rocket Fashion
Flax Fate
Hemp Fate
Sweet Sultan Felicity
Parsley Festivity
Larkspur, Pink Fickleness
Plum Tree Fidelity
Ivy Fidelity
Lemon Blossoms Fidelity
Veronica Fidelity
Speedwell Fidelity
Wallflower Fidelity in adversity
Dittany, White Fire
Fleur-de-Luce Fire
Lilac First love
Fleur-de-Lis Flame
Iris, Flaming Flame
Iris, German Flame
Venus's Looking-Glass Flattery
Pennyroyal Flee away
Venus's Car Fly with me
Columbine Folly
Zephyranth Fond Caresses
Coxcomb Foppery
Pomegranate Foppery
Holly Foresight
Mouse-eared Scorpion Grass Forget me not
Moonwort Forgetfulness
Garden Anemone Forsaken
Laburnum Forsaken
Azalea Fragile passion
Lady's Eardrop Frailty
Pasque Flower Frankness
Osier Frankness
Woodbine Fraternal love
Willow, Water Freedom
Acacia Friendship
Alstoemeria Friendship
London Pride Frivolity
Bladder Nut Tree Frivolity
Grass, Quaking Frivolity
Succory Frugality
Endive Frugality
Chicory Frugality
Hollyhock Fruitfulness
Butterfly Orchis Gaiety
Fumitory Gall
Nosegay Gallantry
Sweet William Gallantry
Orange Tree Generosity
Gladiolus Generosity
Honeysuckle Generous and devoted affection
Plane Tree Genius
Rose, Provence Gentile
Corn Cockle Gentility
Rosebud, White Girlhood
Myrrh Gladness
Glory Flower Glorious beauty
Bay Tree Glory
Laurel Glory
Cherry Tree Good education
Bells of Ireland Good luck
Clover, Four-leaved Good luck
Dandelion Good luck
Heather, Pink Good Luck
White Mullein Good nature
Fuchsia Good Taste
Sweet Basil Good wishes
Mercury Goodness
Bonus Henricus Goodness
Zinnia, White Goodness
Cobaea Gossip
Jasmine, Yellow Grace
Rose, Multiflora Grace
Ash Tree Grandeur
Cactus Grandeur
Japan Rose Gratitude
Rose, bouquet of full blooms Gratitude
Agrimony Gratitude
Bell Flower, Small White Gratitude
Ash Greatness
Marigold Grief
Aloe Grief
Aspen Groan
Water Lily, Yellow Growing indifference
Stephanotis Happiness
Mugwort Happiness
Bridal Rose Happy love
Rose, Bridal Happy love
Wintergreens Harmony
Wild-service Harmony
Thistle Harshness
Lily, Orange Hatred
Larkspur, Purple Haughtiness
Sunflower, Tall Haughtiness
Queen Anne's Lace Haven
Yarrow Healing
Iceland Moss Health
Hydrangea Heartlessness
Rose, White Heavenly
Milkwort Hermitage
Starflower Hope
Hawthorn Hope
Apple, Blossom Hope
Mum Hope
Almond, Flowering Hope
Pine, Spruce Hope in adversity
Tulip, Yellow Hopeless love
Love lies Bleeding Hopelessness
Snakesfoot Horror
Creeping Cereus Horror
Mandrake Horror
Oak Hospitality
Oak Tree Hospitality
Bindweed, Small Humility
Bluebell Humility
Broom Humility
Bindweed, Field Humility
Ragwort Humility
Lilac, Field Humility
Virginia Creeper I cling to you
Licorice, Wild I declare against you
Belvedere I declare against you
Tansy, Wild I declare war against you
Cedar Leaf I live for thee
Chrysanthemum, Red I love
China Aster, Double I partake your sentiments
Mulberry Tree, Black I shall not survive you
Salvia, Blue I think of you
Rose, Long Stemmed I will remember you always
China Aster, Single I will think of it
Sweetbrier, European I wound to heal
Mesembryanthemum Idleness
Rose, Maiden Blush If you love me, you will find it out
Rose, Tea I'll always remember
Carnation, Pink I'll never forget you
Astilbe I'll still be waiting
Citron Ill-natured beauty
Cape Jasmine I'm too happy
Poppy Imagination
Amaranth Immortality
Acorn Immortality
Celsia, Great Flowered Immortality
Amaranth, Globe Immortality
Balsam, Yellow Impatience
Touch-me-not Impatience
Corchorus Impatient of absence
Cistus, Gum Impending death
Henbane Imperfection
Burdock Importunity
Reed Imprudencce
Tree Primrose Inconstancy
Primrose, Evening Inconstancy
Cedar of Lebanon Incorruptible
Prune, Wild Independence
Plum, Wild Independence
Oak, White Independence
Persian Candytuft Indifference
Everflowering Candytuft Indifference
Mustard Seed Indifference
Senvy Indifference
Pigeon Berry Indifference
Candytuft Indifference
Bellflower Indiscretion
Bulrush Indiscretion
Reed, Split Indiscretion
Bee Orchis Industry
Clover, Red Industry
Pink, White Ingeniousness
Geranium, Penciled Ingenuity
Mouse-eared Chickweed Ingenuous simplicity
Crowfoot, Marsh Ingratitude
Ranunculus, Wild Ingratitude
Crowfoot Ingratitude
Hop Injustice
Freesia Innocence
Forsythia Innocence
Carnation, White Innocence
Daisy Innocence
Daisy, Single Innocence
Foxglove Insincerity
Bindweed, Great Insinuation
Angelica Inspiration
Goosefoot Insult
Grape Vine Intoxication
Vine Intoxication



Flower tatoos and flower tattos also mean "flower tattoos".

Common spelling are: tattoo, tattoos; tatoo, tatoos; tatto, tattos.