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Looking for a way to express a particular sentiment in your tattoo design?

Here at Tattoo Ink we've assembled an extensive list of emotions, opinions, desires with their associated flowers and plants.

Most sites have the flowers listed in alphabetical order; they figure you've got your flower picked out already and would like to know what it means.

But our list is different: we've put the list of sentiments in alphabetical order so you can focus on the message you'd like to send and then find out what flowers are available to express that sentiment.

We've taken the traditional meanings of flowers and plants for this list. For our less traditional list see flower tattoo meanings.


Flower Meanings: A - D
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Windflower Abandonment
Absinthe Absence
Wormwood Absence
Rose, Gold Absolute achievement
Saffron Abuse
Crocus Abuse not
Carnation, Solid Acceptance
Valerian Accommodating disposition
Canterbury Bell Acknowledgment
Amethyst Admiration
Heather, Lavender Admiration
Sunflower, Dwarf Adoration
Spider Ophrys Adroitness
Cacalia Adulation
Rhubarb Advice
Morning Glory Affectation
Amaranth, Cockscomb Affectation
Saxifrage, Mossy Affection
Mossy Saxifrage Affection
Pear Affection
Sorrel Affection
Carnation Affection
Daisy, Double Affection
Locust Tree, Green Affection beyond the grave
Aster, China Afterthought
Michaelmas Daisy Afterthought
Starwort Afterthought
Guelder Rose Age
Quaking-Grass Agitation
Moving Plant Agitation
Sainfoin Agitation
Sensitive Agitation
Phlox Agreement
Corn Straw Agreement
Delphinium Airy
Carnation, Red Alas! for my poor heart
Rose, Cabbage Ambassador of love
Laurel, Mountain Ambition
White Jasmine Amiableness
Whin Anger
Petunia Anger
Gooseberry Anticipation
Anthericum Antidote
Columbine, Red Anxious and trembling
Lemon Verbena Aphrodisiac
Pimpernel, Red Appointment
Wake Robin Ardor
Arum Ardor
Cocoa Plant Ardor
Fig Argument
Virgin's Bower Artifice
Acanthus Artifice
Pink, Mountain Aspiring
Ivy, Sprig of, with tendrils Assiduous to please
Star of Bethlehem Atonement
Ipomoea Attachment
Jasmine, Indian Attachment
Larch Audacity
Thistle, Common Austerity
Meadow Saffron Autumn
Auricula, Scarlet Avarice
Pink, Indian, Single Aversion
China or Indian Pink Aversion
Dodder of Thyme Baseness
Rose, Deep Red Bashful shame
Sensitive Plant Bashfulness
Tulip, Variegated Beautiful eyes
Calla Aethiopica Beauty
Lily, Calla Beauty
Daisy, Party-colored Beauty
Orchid Beauty
Rose, China Beauty always new
Rosebud Beauty and youth
Rose, Japan Beauty is your only attraction
Orchis Belle
Marshmallow Beneficence
Calycanthus Benevolence
Potato Benevolence
Judas Tree Betrayal
Manchineel Betrayal
Catchfly, White Betrayed
Begonia Beware
Aconite Beware
Dittany of Crete Birth
Ebony Tree Blackness
Borage Bluntness
Pine Boldness
Pink Boldness
Convolvulus Bonds
Gillyflower Bonds of affection
Oak Leaves Bravery
French Willow Bravery and humanity
Geranium, Ivy Bridal favor
Rose, Damask Brilliant complexion
Lemon Balm Brings love
Gourd Bulk
Water Melon Bulkiness
Persimmon Bury me amid Nature's beauties
Quamoclit Busybody
Rose, Unique Call me not beautiful
Buckbean Calm repose
Madder Calumny
Lady's Slipper Capricious beauty
Rose, Musk Capricious beauty
Carnation, Purple Capriciousness
Oleander Caution
Bachelor's Buttons Celibacy
Coral Bells Challenge
Pimpernel Change
Rye Grass Changeable disposition
Turnip Charity
Grape, Wild Charity
Rose, Musk Cluster Charming
Orange Blossom Chasity
Coreopsis Cheerful
Buttercup Cheerfulness
Chrysanthemum Cheerfulness
American Starwort Cheerfulness
Starwort, American Cheerfulness in old age
Xeranthemum Cheerfulness under adversity
Chinese Chrysanthemum Cheerfulness under adversity
Poinsettia Cheery
Buttercup, Kingcup Childishness
Pink, Musk Childishness
Monkshood, Helmet Flower Chivalry
Hyssop Cleanliness
Broom, Spanish Cleanliness
Lettuce Cold-heartedness
Ficoides, Ice Plant Coldness
Hortensia Coldness
Chaste-tree Coldness
Agnus Castus Coldness
Fig Marigold Coldness
Jacob's Ladder Come down
Pear Tree Comfort
Allspice Compassion
Motherwort Concealed love
Spirea Conceit
Nettle Tree Concert
Lote Tree Concord
Rosebud, Moss Confession of love
Hepatica Confidence
Polyanthus, Lilac Confidence
Liverwort Confidence
Flowering Reed Confidence in Heaven
Lime Tree Conjugal affection
Linden Tree Conjugal love
Nasturtium Conquest
Snowdrop Consolation
Wood Hyacinth Constancy
Zinnia, Scarlet Constancy
Hyacinth, Blue Constancy
Bell Flower, Pyramidal Constancy
Mallow, Syrian Consumed by love
Houstonia Content
Day Lily, Yellow Coquetry
Lily, Day Coquetry
Mock Orange Counterfeit
Black Poplar Courage
Thyme Courage
Poplar, Black Courage
Garlic Courage
Tamarisk Crime
Elastic Momordica Critique
Tiger Flower Cruelty
Nettle Cruelty
Balm of Gilead Cure
Balsam of Peru Cure
Swallow-wort Cure for heartache
Cranberry Cure for heartache
Sycamore Curiosity
Witch Hazel Curse
Zinnia, Yellow Daily remembrance
Aster Daintiness
Viscaria Dance with me?
Rosebay, Rhododendron Danger
Edelweiss Daring
Cypress Death
Rose, Dried White Death preferable to loss of innocence
Apocynum Deceit
Dogsbane Deceit
Flytrap Deceit
Daffodil Deceit
Venus's Trap Deceit
Orange, Mock Deceit
Strawberry of the Indies Deceitful appearances
Thornapple Deceitful charms
Thorn, Apple Deceitful charms
Apple, Thorn Deceitful charms
Winter Cherry Deception
Cherry Tree, White Deception
Tulip, Red Declaration of love
Sweetbrier, Yellow Decrease of love
Hogbean Defect
Lichen Dejection
Eupatorium Delay
Bluebottle Delicacy
Corn Bottle Delicacy
Century Delicacy
Cornflower Delicacy
Laurestine Delicate attentions
Mallow, Venetian Delicate beauty
Hibiscus Delicate beauty
Rose, Hibiscus Delicate beauty
Flower-of-an-Hour Delicate beauty
Hybrid crinum Delicate weakness
Caladium Delight
Sweet Pea Departure
Jonquil Desire
Kingcups Desire of riches
Mezereon Desire to please
Marigold and Cypress Despair
Humble Plant Despondency
Mulberry, Black Devotedness
Heliotrope Devotion
Peruvian Heliotrope Devotion
Ophrys, Spider Dexterity
Blackthorn Difficulty
Elm Dignity
Cloves Dignity
Clove Tree Dignity
Artemisia Dignity
Laurel-leaved Magnolia Dignity
Hundred-leaved Rose Dignity of mind
Syringa, Carolina Disappointment
Myrtle, Wax Discipline
Maidenhair Discretion
Rue Disdain
Carnation, Yellow Disdain
Frog Ophrys Disgust
Pride of China Dissension
Cardinal Flower Distinction
Lavender Distrust
Rosebay Distrust
Cowslip, American Divine beauty
Virginian Cowslip Divinity
Fieldrush Docility
Rush Docility
Poppy, White Dormant affection
Daisy, Wild Dost thou love me?
Osmunda Dreams
Dogwood Durability
Cornel Tree Duration



Flower tatoos and flower tattos also mean "flower tattoos".

Common spelling are: tattoo, tattoos; tatoo, tatoos; tatto, tattos.