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This gallery of tattoos has four fairy designs. Also see cool tattoos for one more fairy tattoo design.

Fairies are tiny creatures that take on human form. They can be naughty or nice, good or evil; but regardless of their intent they are almost always magical & mischievous.

Good complements are butterflies, sun and moon, flowers, stardust and angels. Fairies like to fly with dragonflies and hummingbirds, so consider those as more possible design elements.

Fairies designs are good for lower back, ankle or shoulder tattoos.


Here's a picture of a tattoo of cute fairy with butterfly wings. She is sitting on a polka dotted mushroom with flowers at its base.
tattoo of fairy

Here's another tattoo fairy picture
done in black ink
fairy tattoo

this beautiful pixie has long wings and is sitting on a cresent moon.
fairy tattoo picture

And our favorite, a small fairy with large detailed butterfly wings: the moon and stars in one wing, a sun in the otther.This is a beautiful piece of fantasy art.



This shows a dancing fairy in autumnal orange and red colors. This is a small pic; click on it for a larger version.

Other whimsical spellings are faerie, fairy, tatoos, tattos.