tattoo ink      eagle tattoos

Here are some eagle tattoos. Eagles are popular for American, Polish Mexican and German tattoos as patriotic symbols.

Flying eagles, those with an American flag are favored.


eagle tattoo
A photo of a nice black ink bald eagle with an intense gaze.

eagle head tattoo
Here's a flash I did of an eagle's head. The blue, purple and black design came out nice, as did a couple other combos.

Here's a symmetrical design, actually it's a mirror image left and right. I tried working the black part in the neck as a tribal, but didn't find anything I liked.

eagle eyes
And another symmetrical design with an abstract representation of the wings. ("'Why the admixture of abstract and realistic touches had the art world all a twitter,' mused Mr. Weezers as he nibbled on a sushi roll.")


Two free form spellings are eagle tatoos and eagle tattos.