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This gallery of tattoos has dragon designs. Dragons are popular in Chinese and Japanese tattoo art as well as in tribal designs. Dragons can fly, are immortal and often possess magic powers such as invisibility or ability to restore life.

Dragon tattoos are popular with men on the arm, back or leg. Women like cute baby dragons on a shoulder or foot.

Green, red and black are the most popular colors. Although dragons are fire-breathers, this usually isn't shown on tattoos.

Different dragons have different meanings: The horned dragon is a symbol of power, the celetial dragon is a guardian while the yellow dragon is old and wise. A spirit dragon controls the wind, a coiling dragon rules the seas.

Tattoos that complement dragons are yin-yang symbol, butterflies, tigers, koi, skulls and wizards.

dragon tattoo

An oriental red dragon

dragon tattoo design
In this picture it is technically not a dragon since it doesn't've legs; it's called an amphiptere, aka "winged wurm" or "wyvern".

In this pic a dragon has ripped out of the skin.

Here is a close-up image of a nicely done blackwork piece.

a crazy tattoo flash dragon that would make a nice temporary tattoo.

a tribal dragon

Other spellings for draconian tattoological terms are "dragon tatoos" "dragon tattos" "dragon tatoo" and

"..*) .*)
(. (. . .`" in dragon-speak.

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