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This gallery of tattoos has pictures of cross designs.

Crosses are often religious ones of the christian crucifix. Jesus nailed on a wooden cross is iconographic of the catholic church.

Tribal and celtic crosses are popular. Other popular designs are the maltese cross and the iron cross.

What does a cross mean? Tattoos with a cross and red roses are sometimes in loving memory and honor of a passed friend. They can also signify suffering, redemption or protection. A stone cross is often a tombstone.

A large cross on the back or one on the shoulder are common locations.

Popular complements to crosses are angels, wings, swords, rosary beads, hearts & praying hands.

ornamental cross tattoo
very ornamental cross design

rose and cross with banner
here's a tattoo cross flash with a red rose, thorns and banner.

cross tattoo
and here's a tribal cross design.

tribal cross tattoo
a celtic cross in tribal style on the arm.

here's a tattoo of a cross with a rustic design.

Here are some of the many cross designs that you can use for a tattoo:

greek cross

saint peter's cross (aka satan's cross)

chi rho cross

latin cross

coptic cross

maltese cross (aka iron cross)



Some other spelling are cross tatoos and cross tattos.

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