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How do you define cool tattoos?

Here are our picks based on originality, artistic quality and design.

And, also that it's a good photo, lot of nice tattoos out there but few good photographers!

There are four galleries:

cool tattoos 1
cool tattoos 2
cool tattoos 3
cool tattoos 4

tribal tattoo designs 1
here's a cool tattoo design based on the sphinx

tribal tattoo designs 2
This is in the cool gallery because of the wing detail. We have seen several designs where the wings of a butterfly are done up with a tiger design, but don't recall any fairy wings that have been detailed so well as this. The fairy is dressed in leaves and appears to be started or surprised.

The third example is in art deco style. The outer ring shows the signs and icons of the zodiac. The tattoo is primarily done in burnt sienna and royal blue. The tattoo is based on a piece by Czech artist Alphonse Mucha.

heres a sea horse with a nice mix of reality and fantasy.



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