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For a not-run-of-the-mill tattoo consider a cherry blossom tattoo design.

Pink, red, gray and black and white designs are common.

The cherry blossom is a popular image in Japanese and Chinese art, often meaning feminine beauty, love and passion on one hand, and power and meaning samurai strength on the other. The cherry blossoms in early spring, so it can mean new beginnings; but since it is short-lived it can mean suffering and death and the need to let go of all attachments.

Tattoo designs can show a single flower, a collection of blossoms and may show the distinctive shape of a cherry tree branch. They are often combined with koi, Chinese and Japanese characters, mountains (such as Mt. Fuji). Other design ideas are dragons or a yin-yang symbol with the cherry blossom on one side and a cherry fruit on the other.

The Japanese word for cherry blossoms and flowering trees is Sakura.


Here's a picture of a single cherry blossom done in just different shades of pink.

A pic of a similar design with pink, yellow and gray.

cherry blossom art for tattoo design
A collection of cherry blossoms in pink, yellow; shaded with gray; and outlined in black.




cherry blossom tatoos, cherry blossom tattoes are alternative spellings.