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This gallery features tattoo art of celtic origin.

The six nations of the Celts are: Brittany, Cornwall, Ireland, Isle of Man, Scotland
and Wales. Irish, Scotish and Welsh folk identify with them.

Celtic tattoos feature beasts such as dragons, wild dogs, exotic birds and unicorns.

Shamrocks (clovers), knots, hearts, stars and the tree of life are also popular. The celtic cross and celtic love knot are well-known symbols.

Designs are often interlocking, spirals or woven, and mirrored symmetrical tribal patterns are often used. Green and blue are favorite colors for celtic tattoos.

The arm and shoulder are common locations. More men and boys prefer celtic tats than women and girls.

Celtic symbols are steeped in mystery and lore: as old as the druids and as modern as Led Zepplin's zoso.

The never ending loops may mean the interweaving of lives and loves.


here's a tattoo of celtic knots with a shamrock...

some mythic beasts...

celtic tattoos
and another celtic design based upon the trinity knot.

celtic butterfly tattoo
And a celtic butterfly design.


also see Celtic Cross Tattoos.


Here are two tattoo flash celtic designs
celtic tattoo picture

celtic tattoos

Here are a few words from Celtic Language that you might recognize as parts of English words:

- settlement, town

- heap of stones, often tombstones

- tree grove

- island

- hill

- lake

"Celtic tatoos" and "Celtic tattos" are creative spellings of "Celtic tattoos."
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