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Here are some butterflies tattoos pictures.

Butterflies are usually girly girl tattoos, though Arnold Schwarzenegger does have on his right butt-cheek a butterfly tattoo (being crushed by a terminator moth from the future).

Butterfly tattoos are one of the most popular designs in recent years.

Butterflies (and moths too) lend themselves to artistic expression; they can be done into designs that are realistic or abstract art. Since just the outline is recognizable, they can be combined with other images: fish, fairies, flowers, tigers can be used as an image that appears within the outline of the butterfly; keep that in mind if you've got a combo tatoo in mind.

What do butterflies mean? Here are some meanings:

  • soul of the dead
  • arrival of baby
  • good luck
  • prosperity

Here's one with striking colors: vibrant red, yellow and blue.

here is a flutterby with some tribal vines and little flowers.

This tattoo and the next have a cool combo of a butterfly and tiger face.

butterfly tattoo
And another with lots of tribal features. This one would look good on the lower back or as an armband.

tribal butterfly heart design
New: here's a tribal butterfly design with a heart in the middle.

tattoo design of butterfly
here's a small green tattoo flash of a butterfly

butterfly tattoo design
a cool blue/purple butterfly design

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