tattoo ink      body tattoos - locations

Where to put that tat, Bucky?

Here's a list of some body parts with links to our specific pages o' pictures and chock full o' info on some body tattoo locations.

back tattoos
foot tattoos
lower back tattoos

wrist tattoos
arm tattoos
tattoo sleeves
ankle tattoos
hip tattoos
chest tattoos
armband tattoos
forearm tattoos

You'll notice, that we don't have skull tattoos in our list. I guess some people could be getting tattoos on their skull (Hannibal Lecture's new hobby) but we suspect it is tattoos of skulls, not tattoos on skulls. (Ditto w/ heart tattoos.)

Concerning wing tattoos, I guess some avian friends can be using the internet. But we need proof that the Aflac duck can use google to find tattoos to put on his wings.






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