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On this page and the next is our gallery of angel tattoo designs.

The girls love angel tattoos, on the shoulder, abdomen or foot. The guys love the girls with angel tattoos, and the world goes 'round.

Just angel wings are popular, especially on the back (duh), halos seem to not be as popular as they were decades ago.

Gaurdian angels, the angel of death, gothic angels and a combo design with an angel and devil are popular.

Of course, that little angel dude, cupid with his arrow and bow is a popular tattoo around valentines day.

Angel wing tattoos

The following 4 pictures of baby angel tattoos are from a classic design. I think these are also called cherubs.

angel tattoo


And here is a black ink guardian angel tattoo on the back of david beckham.
beckham back tattoo guardian angel

Lots of people have a special reason to get an angel tattoo: as a symbol of a loved one who has moved on to a far far better place than creepy smelly planet earth (it's one of God's earlier works, really he's done much better in far trendier parts of the universe, where the angels hang out, by the way.)

Angels are sometimes depicted as protectors of souls and are sent to earth to point stupid humans in the right direction, punish transgressors or collect souls (as per the angel of death, aka grim reaper).

Lucifer is a well known bad-ass angel, got all up in God's grill because he thought he'd been dissed. Long story short: Lucifer got a smack down and was put in charge of earth.

Other meanings of angels are divine vengence (especially if you're into the old school fire and brimstone of the Old Testament)and protection from heaven above (that is, the whole guardian bit).

Angels often have wings, but not necessarily. They usually can fly, are beautiful, surrounded by light, dressed in a robe. Most of them go by the nickname, Jeff.


here's a tattoo of two angels praying

Recent reports indicate that 97% of angels have tattoos

  • most prefer tribal armbands
  • lower back tattoos are second most popular
  • "hello kitty" tattoos run a distant third

The celestial ink used comes in black, red, blue and xozzyk (a color not visibible on earth); there is no yellow celestial ink.

Some alternative celestial spellings are: angle tattoos, angel tatoos, tatto of angels.
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