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Where are people tattooed? Here's our unscientific results of percentages:

shoulders 15
neck 0
arms 63
legs 14
hands 1
feet 23
chest 20
breast 16
stomach 2
thigh 8
calves 7
face 0
head 0
ankle 17
wrists 1
back 11

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Tattoo Ink was created with everyone in mind--from the veteran tattoo artist and the avid tattoo collector, to those who are thinking of getting their first tattoo. If you spell it tattoos, tatoos or tattos, we've got it here for you. In fact as a nod to a spelling that's just a bit off, here are our tatoos that are a bit off, and a couple of not quite right tribal tatoos, too.A favorite: cool tattoos galleries judged as way cool, based on originality, design and artistic and photo quality.

In our galleries we have lots of tattoo pictures. There are photos of tattoo designs on skin and also free flash images. Often we list the most popular places to put your tattoo (i.e., arm, back, leg, neck, foot, etc). We give the meaning behind some symbols and ideas on what designs go well together. Whether you want to find a good graphic for a temporary tatoo, sleeve tattoo or a henna one, we've got lots of pics to give you good ideas.

Tattoo Ink explores the world of tattoo art. Check out the tattoo gallery with all the popular styles from amazing artists at the best studios and parlors. We have FAQs on tattooing and on that other groovy body modification: piercing. Also, a short FAQ on temporary tattoo ink. For those of you into delusions of objectivity, here's a small list of considerees for best tattoo artist.

Check out our own quirky list of flower tattoo meanings; or if you'd like a less quirky/more traditional list of meanings associated with flowers that you can use for your tattoos:

Flower Meanings: Introduction & A - D
Flower Meanings: E - I
Flower Meanings: J - R
Flower Meanings: S - Z

Our tattoos come from around the world: Chinese, Japanese, Polynesian, Irish, Hawaiian traditions.... We have simple small designs and elaborate custom made ones; erotic and exotic designs; black and white as well as color work; traditional old school artwork and new school.... The good, the bad and the ugly: we got it. Print em out and get em inked. If you have a henna kit many are easy to make into stencils.

You can find out about other tattoo websites by visiting our links page. If you have a tattoo site, please consider linking to this site, or applying for our tattoo award, or if you would like to join the Tattoo Ink webring, you can find information on how to join in the Ink Webring section. Here's our info about the Miami Ink tattoo show. Here are some pics of tattoos on Fall Out Boy.

Tattoo Ink has been an on-going adventure.  It has had several different looks over the past years. The bodyart industry has taken off & we're following it. Tattoos used to be anti-social, now they are the hot trend for sexy women and dreamy guys. Basketball players, rock stars and other celebrities wear tattoos. (Goths, gang bangers, punks and bikers still like tats, mind you.)

Recently updated: tattoo removal before after pictures, cost of tattoo removal, home tattoo removal, tattoo removal creams. Also non laser tattoo removal methods and laser tattoo removal.

We hope that you enjoy your stay and see something that you like. We hope to answer the question: "where can I find a unique tattoo design"? We hope for world peace, and giant robot bunnies, yeah, with killer death rays and....

Please feel free to e-mail us for any comments or questions that you have--remove the NOSPAMPLEASE before mailing.

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